White Hostel shinsaibashi

"White hostel Shinsaibashi" locates at in the middle of Shinsaibashi. With the encounters of visitors from all over the world,
Please put a nice color on this pure white canvas.

Introduction of Designer


I am Kumamoto who designed
"White Hostel Shinsaibashi".
Traveling all over the world,
I have deeply considered every corner of the building
so that you could rest cleanly at this hostel.
At this "White Hostel Shinsaibashi".
You can softly relaxing the tiredness of today's trip,
sharing information with other travelers.
Please cultivate the spirit of tomorrow 's journey.
And someday again.
I hope that you can come back to this
"White Hostel Shinsaibashi".

Design ground 55 corporation
Seiji Sumimoto representative

commercial,residental space design
total coordinate of their space.
product design.

Designer Seiji Kumamoto